Ironjawz progress – part 3

Here are the latest pictures of my Ironskull's mob: I sprayed them with black primer to create 'shadows' on any parts of the models I miss with paint. I then added Grey Seer to any areas I planned on using Contrast paints, and brass to any areas that are going to be metallic - I … Continue reading Ironjawz progress – part 3


Recent purchases

Here are my most recent GW purchases: The Age of Sigmar core book and the Kill Team rulebook. The Age of Sigmar book has great artwork, and I'm looking forward to reading up on the lore of the mortal realms before expanding my AOS armies (I'm still struggling to decide on one army... So many … Continue reading Recent purchases

Ironjawz progress

Now that I've finished my Chaos painting (I'm trying to finish one project before moving onto the next), I've started working on Ironskull's Boyz. I really like the look of the Ironjawz models but wanted to 'beastify' them a little, so used some animal skulls from the Citadel Skulls set. Here's the first couple of … Continue reading Ironjawz progress