June hobby update – nighthaunt

This month I'm scratching my AOS itch and painting these guys I'm going to keep the paint scheme relatively simple - celestra grey base coat After applying nighthaunt Gloom, rhinox hide and incubi darkness Reikland fleshShade and leadbelcher Painted the rose details on the bases Added some Nihilakh oxide to the bases to make them … Continue reading June hobby update – nighthaunt

May hobby update – part 2

Drybrushed white onto bone areas Armour highlights drybrushed Plasma effect Corrosion effects and red details Some nurgle's rot and blood for the blood god All based.... ...and here they both are. With the rest of First Strike chaos forces.... ....and all of my painted Chaos together I can never remember which paints I used and … Continue reading May hobby update – part 2

April hobby update – part 2

Crammed some more painting in, and finished my pox walkers. Added some nihilakh oxide and typhus corrosion to the metal parts, and went over them with nuln oil and earthshade Dry brushed the bones white, added some blood and slime effects, and then based them. Here they are with the rest of the Nurgle family … Continue reading April hobby update – part 2

April hobby update

Despite the lockdown here, I've not had as much time to paint as I would like, but I have managed a few sessions in the evenings to make a little progress. With the weather being pretty good too, any free time was spent working on the 'shed'. Ecobrick insulation The painting time I have managed … Continue reading April hobby update

March painting update – Chaos WIP part 2

Managed to squeeze in some time to paint over the past few days, once the grot was asleep. Here's the progress on my nurgle test models. I painted the bolter trim steel, and the armour trim brass Went over the both models with nuln oil and earthshade to give a grimy/dirty look I dry brushed … Continue reading March painting update – Chaos WIP part 2

March painting update – Chaos WIP

This month I've started working on the other half of the first strike box set. I'm painting a pox Walker and a plague marine to get the colour scheme sorted...they will be based on the colours of my other Chaos marines. I started with a base coat of grey seer. I added Ork Flesh contrast … Continue reading March painting update – Chaos WIP

February update – Reivers

Over the last couple of weeks, I've been working on my Reivers, and I managed to get them finished. I painted a lighter brown to highlight the pouches etc, and then used a brown shade to add some detail to those and the skull mask, which I then dybrushed white. I painted the Red details. … Continue reading February update – Reivers

February painting update

This month I'm painting my Space Marine Reivers. They will be painted as members of the 'Ghost' kill team. They were base coated grey, And then painting nighthaunt gloom. The Sergeant's face was painted Darkoath Flesh, Then painted the weapons, kneepads a backpack etc incubi Darkness. Next was the Dark brown for the various pouches … Continue reading February painting update